PlayStation Network Card 30 ₤ - PSN United Kingdom


PlayStation Network Card 30 ₤ - PSN United Kingdom

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Is the PSN 30 card worth it?

You are considering buying a PlayStation gift card ? You won't make a mistake by choosing the PSN 30 value card to increase the funds in a selected PSN account wallet with 30 GBP. This is just the right amount of funds for your needs on Sony Entertainment Network Store. Of course, you can always use the PSN voucher with its original purpose and spirit and give it as a gift to anyone connected to PlayStation Network. Here are some of the great benefits of the PSN card.


Enjoy a wide range of products presented on PSN


Use 30 GBP to satisfy your PlayStation gaming needs, choosing from a huge selection of iconic game titles, a variety of platform exclusives and the latest triple-A games. With a PSN 30 card, you can also purchase DLC expansions of your favorite video games as well as cosmetic items or similar in-game content. But it's not just for gamers! The PlayStation Store offers movies, music, TV series, add-ons and subscriptions, including PS Plus and PlayStation Now, all for you to enjoy!


Save what you spend on PlayStation Store!


Did you know that by purchasing a digital PSN card, you actually save what you spend on the PlayStation Store? That's right! Gift card PSN codes don't have a set price, which means you can buy them for less than the monetary value they provide on the PlayStation Store. The PSN 30 card also has no expiration date, which means you can buy the PlayStation voucher now at a cheaper price and save it for future use!


PlayStation card as a gift


With no time limit in place, you are free to keep your PlayStation card until a special occasion arrives, such as a loved one's birthday. If the receiver of the card is connected to the PlayStation Network, they will get a lot of value out of your gift. The PSN 30 card will give them the freedom to choose from a wide selection of Sony Entertainment Network Store products and services, while saving you the trouble of finding specific gift ideas. You will not miss with this one!


Explore other options!


This purchase increases the total amount of funds in the PSN wallet by 30 GBP, which in itself is a decent amount of money, however, if this does not suit your current needs on the PlayStation Store here at Eneba, you can discover more options. In addition to 30 PSN cards, you can choose from PlayStation vouchers in the UK region ranging in value from 5 GBP to 100 GBP. Choose what you want and follow the instructions below to use one of the PSN codes.


Activation process:


  1. - Open a Sony Network Entertainment account on PSN (or use your existing Sony Entertainment Network account);
  2. - Select the icon PlayStationStore®on the PS4™ system home screen;
  3. - On the PlayStation Store, select Use the codes at the bottom of the menu;
  4. - Enter the key code you received in your e-mail;
  5. - Please select Continue in the dialog box;
  6. - Please select Confirm to accept the conditions and services pop-up window;
  7. - Please select Continue to complete the activation of the PSN 30 card code!

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