Fortnite - Psycho Bundle (DLC) Key Epic Games EUROPE


Fortnite - Psycho Bundle (DLC) Key Epic Games EUROPE

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Fortnite - Psycho Bundle (DLC) Epic Games Key

The bundle includes:

  • The Psycho character's outfit;
  • The Claptrap pet
  • The psycho-buzz picks

Get the skin of the mythical Borderlands bandit by purchasing the Fortnite Borderlands Psycho Bundle (DLC) key Epic Games skin and watch two iconic gaming franchises meet in the epic crossover that is the Fortnite Psycho Bundle! It would be hard to find a more interesting mix of elements than the combination of Fortnite with its cartoon-inspired aesthetic and the Psycho outfit from the Borderlands game series. The latter also comes with the Claptrap pet. Just like Fortnite, Borderlands doesn't shy away from using animation-style graphics, humor and action. Become the Borderlands psychopath and wreak havoc on the battlefield like you've never done before!

A great way to join Fortnite

Buying the cheap Fortnite Borderlands skin is one of the best ways to get into Fortnite especially if you are coming from the Borderlands franchise. You'll feel right at home! Leave behind the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Pandora and face a new battlefield: land on a remote island with 99 other players and fight for survival until only one player remains! Various tools are at your disposal to help you achieve victory. In addition to the weapons you'll find in different buildings, you'll also use your psycho-buzz picks to harvest valuable materials, just like in Minecraft. Fortnite is famous for mixing gameplay elements taken from both the survival type sandbox game and the battle royale type game PUBG. Buy the cheap Fortnite Borderlands skin, join the game and discover everything yourself!

Expand your collection of skins!

Coming from Borderlands, these cosmetic items included in Fortnite - Psycho Bundle (DLC) are really outstanding but your Fortnite skins collection can be even more extensive. Be sure to check out the Fortnite skins and V-bucks catalog featured on 3MKSTORE. No matter what platform you choose to play Fortnite on, there's always something to win - ranging from cheap V-bucks to DLC bundles like Deep Freeze, Darkfire, Neo Versa and Dark Vertex among other options! The Fortnite Borderlands skin that will turn you into a psychopath is an awesome skin, but don't stop there! Check out the collection and get your favorite Fortnite skins at a great price!

How to use the Psycho Bundle Key (DLC) on PC ?

If you want to use a Fortnite skin, simply follow the instructions provided below:

  •  Click on Log in in the upper right corner of the Fortnite homepage;
  •  Log in with your Epic Games account ;
  •  Move your mouse cursor over the name of your account in the upper right corner ;
  •  Select the option " Redeem Code " ;
  •  Enter the key code and click on Redeem.

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