GTA Online Cash Card - 3.500.000 $ - Whale Shark [PS4] - Germany


GTA Online Cash Card - 3.500.000 $ - Whale Shark [PS4] - Germany

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We will send you the key code for the activation of the Rockstar Games cash card directly by e-mail within the delivery time indicated below.

Get enough $ GTA immediately to buy your dream apartment or car: the cash card will make it possible!

This offer includes only the key, no download link or installation files included.

The original GTA 5 game [PS4 Version] (not included in this offer) is required to use the expansion content.

Note: Only works for German (DE) PSN accounts!

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A cash card lets you solve your money problems quickly and comfortably in Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA 5. Want to get enough GTA $ immediately to buy an apartment or the car of your dreams, or cover the preparations for the next big heist? No problem, just get your Shark Card! GTA Online Cash Whale Shark, qui est offerte ici, vous recevrez 3500000 $ directement à votre compte dans Grand Theft Auto Online.Note : Cette GTA Online Cash Card est pour la version PC de GTA 5. Elle n’est pas compatible avec les versions d’autres platformes !

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