PlayStation Network™

PlayStation Network™

What is a PlayStation Network card?

The PSN card (PlayStation Network card) is a gift card with which you can top up your PSN wallet. With your PSN credits, you can order products from the PlayStation Store whenever you want, such as new PlayStation games or great offers. Not enough PSN Credits? Simply top up your credits with a PlayStation gift card.

What are PlayStation credits for?

With a PSN card, you can easily purchase DLC, season passes and PS4 games from the PlayStation Store. You can also purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription with your PlayStation Network card, which gives you access to hundreds of games from the PlayStation library and allows you to play on demand. Want to listen to your favorite music playlists while you play? With your PSN gift card, you can buy a Spotify subscriptionThis allows you to connect your subscription to PlayStation Music and listen to your favorite music without stopping. Finally, you can also use your PlayStation 4 card to buy in-game credits, such as V-Bucks Fortnite.

What is the additional content in the game?

Additional content enhances an existing game. For example, you can purchase in-game credits for specific PlayStation 4 games. This includes Apex partsCall of Duty Points and GTA 5 Shark Cards. The other type of add-on is DLC (downloadable content). With DLC, you can buy additional content for an existing game.

How do I get my PlayStation card?

After completing your order, we will immediately send you your PlayStation Store gift card in the form of a numeric code. You will see this code immediately on your screen and you will also receive it by e-mail. You will receive your code with instructions, so that you can always easily activate your PSN code in the PS Store.

How do I activate my PSN code?

You can use your PlayStation Network card and PlayStation Plus card on your PlayStation console and the PlayStation Store website.

On your console:

  • On the home screen of your PlayStation, go to "PlayStation Store".
  • Select "Activate a code" from the menu on the left of your screen.
  • Enter your PSN code.

On the website:

  • Go to the PlayStation Store website and make sure you are logged in.
  • Click on the account name, select "Activate Code" and enter your PlayStation code.

After activating your PSN Prepaid Card or PS Plus Gift Card, it is automatically added to your account. Need help activating your PlayStation codes? Contact our customer service.

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