Fortnite - Armored Batman Zero Skin (DLC) Key Epic Games UNITED KINGDOM


Fortnite - Armored Batman Zero Skin (DLC) Key Epic Games UNITED KINGDOM

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Be sure to activate all 6 codes! Only then will you receive Armored Batman Zero Skin!


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Fortnite - Armored Batman Zero Skin (DLC) Epic Games Key

The Armored Batman Zero Skin pack includes codes for all 6 issues of Fortnite x DC comics:

  • Number 1: April 20 - Fortnite - Rebirth Harley Quinn Skin;
  • Number 2: May 4 - Fortnite - Batman Zero Wing;
  • Issue 3: May 18 - Fortnite - Catwoman's Grappling Pickaxe;
  • Number 4: June 1 - Fortnite - Deathstroke Destroyer Glider;
  • Number 5: June 15 - Fortnite - Harley Quinn's Revenge Back Bling;
  • Number 6: July 6 - Fortnite - Batarang Axe Pickaxe;
  • By activating all 6 codes, you will receive the armored Batman Zero skin as a bonus!

Epic Games is giving Fortnite players the chance to play as some of DC's brightest heroes and villains! This pack includes a generous amount of DC Comics items: from skins to Back Bling, to picks, and more. Once you purchase Fortnite: Armored Batman Zero Skin key Epic Games, you'll increase your in-game locker with highly sought after cosmetics like the Rebirth Harley Quinn outfit, themed harvesting tools, two Gliders, and even an exclusive Armored Batman Zero skin!

A plethora of DC-themed cosmetics

The Armored Batman Zero Skin key is definitely one of the best options when it comes to Fortnite activation codes. Once you redeem the product key, you are sure to receive 2 skins, 1 Back Bling, 2 Harvesting Tools and 2 Gliders that you can use to enter the battle arena in style. The ability to equip the Rebirth Harley Quinn or Armored Batman Zero skin in Fortnite alone is a reason to buy Fortnite: Armored Batman Zero Skin key Epic Games!

What about Fortnite?

Buy the bundle and get lost in Epic Games' free-to-play battle royale that is also 1 with additional modes like creative and Save the World. Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has reached the heights of popularity, becoming a widely recognized cultural phenomenon! The title features addictive gameplay, a rewarding progression system, an engaging learning curve, and a staggering variety of content. What sets Fortnite apart from other battle royale games like PUBG or Apex Legends is the material collection system as well as the unique building mechanics reminiscent of those present in Minecraft. Buy the Armored Batman Zero Skin bundle and join the party!

How do I activate a Fortnite code on PC?

  •  Click on Log in in the upper right corner of the Fortnite homepage;
  •  Log in with your Epic Games account ;
  •  Move your mouse cursor over the name of your account in the upper right corner ;
  •  Select the option " Redeem Code " ;
  •  Enter the key code and click on Redeem.

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