Microsoft Windows 10 Professional OEM


Microsoft Windows 10 Professional OEM

Delivery time: 5-40 min
Delivery: Activation key by email
Account / Region: Global
Platform: Official website

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We will send you the key code for the Microsoft Studios activation directly by e-mail within the delivery time indicated below.

You can easily activate the key on the producer's page to download the software.

Note: This product can NOT be used to upgrade your system directly from other editions of Windows.


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Familiar and easy to use, Windows 10 looks a lot like Windows 7, especially with the return of the Start menu.

It boots up and wakes up faster, guarantees better security for your data and is compatible with your software and the various devices you already have.

Get more productive quickly by managing your desktop better. Anchor up to four items on your desktop at once and create virtual desktops to have more space or group items by project, such as Office applications for work and games for entertainment.

The best Xbox titles and all Xbox Live content will soon be available on Windows 10. Record your games down to the second, compete against other players, and stream game footage from your Xbox One console to a Windows 10 PC in your home.

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