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Monopoly eShop Key (Nintendo Switch)

Ubisoft breathes life into the world-famous board game and not only that - creates an incredible multiplayer strategy title where you can share moments of laughter and frustration with your friends! Monopoly Switch eShop Key revolves around the same rules as the original board game, except that the board is interactive and enhanced with comical animations to create a relaxing and joyful atmosphere amidst competitive gameplay. Build your 3D empire by developing and executing a successful financial scheme that could outwit even the best business sharks! Buy the Nintendo Switch eShop Monopoly Key for some of the most comfortable and fun nights out with your friends!

What are the features of the Monopoly game?

Monopoly Key offers an abundance of innovative game features for the best virtual board game experience:

  • 3 plates. You can choose one of three 3D game boards: Amusement Park, Classic City and Haunted City;
  • Build your empire. Invest, build and customize what you've built so far - don't stop at anything until you expand your capitalist empire;
  •  Choose the duration of the session. If you don't have time for a full-time Monopoly session, you can choose shorter sessions that have more quickly achievable goals;
  •  Reward system. The more you play and win, the more original and amazing assets you can unlock;
  •  Monopoly key price cheaper.

A fun multiplayer experience!

The game world is a Monopoly board that serves as an empire building ground. You begin the game session with a small neighborhood in your possession, with small houses and inhabitants residing there. Each neighborhood has distinct features and appearances, and you can change them, grow them, and prosper with your victories and progress in the Nintendo Switch eShop Monopoly Key. You can choose from 3 game boards and even control your play time sessions based on how much time you can spend on the game. For those who love a challenge, the title features Speed Die mode that makes your gameplay several times harder!

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