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The Outriders

Developed by People Can Fly and presented by Square Enix, the game offers action-packed gameplay with sci-fi elements! Immerse yourself in a drop-in-drop-out cooperative multiplayer FPS game. A gritty setting wrapped in a dark and haunting atmosphere immediately draws you into the fast-paced universe, where your skills are needed to save humanity from extinction. Innovative gameplay, a frenetic and dynamic combat system, and memorable experiences - everything awaits you in Outriders Xbox Key where you can unleash your oozing potential alongside your friends!

What are the gameplay features of Outriders?

The Outriders Key opens the door to the mesmerizing world of the dark vision of the future where those left behind must fight for the world they call home, and while you accomplish this crucial task, enjoy a set of innovative features:

  •  Original setting. Traverse the dark and atmospheric world of science fiction where you will travel to the wildlife outside the walls of the first city;
  •  Flexible gameplay. Play in a single player campaign or join forces with 1 to 3 other players in a cooperative mode;
  •  RPG elements. Make progress in the story, define the outcome with your choices because everything you do counts;
  •  Scavenging. You have to scavenge to survive out there in the forests with enemies, so search for weapons and equipment, loot them and adapt;
  •  Cheapest Outriders price.

A dark tale about an even darker future

Customize your own Outrider to embark on a deadly adventure to help humanity, slowly fighting against the dying light. Go behind the walls of First City, traverse wild forests, deserts and mountains in search of the enemy and a mysterious signal. Buy key outriders to experience a story enhanced by an engaging and dynamic combat system, and if you want good company, live a dystopian sci-fi future with your friends in co-op mode. Will you save the world you once knew, in hopes of restoring civilization and helping your species thrive once again?

An exciting shooting experience

One of the most compelling and inviting aspects of Outriders Xbox Key is the dynamic combat system that allows you to use the full potential of the weaponry at your disposal. Collect the weapons and equipment you find along the way, learn how to get the most out of your weapons, and enjoy the best FPS experience from one of the best shooter developers in the industry - People Can Fly. Buy the Outriders key, equip yourself, arm yourself with determination, good companions and embark on a swashbuckling experience where RPG and FPS merge to create an authentic dystopian story!

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