Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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What is Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Does the idea of a relaxing picnic in nature sound fun? If so, go ahead and purchase Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch system! Enjoy another installment in the kid-friendly life simulation game series with engaging survival elements! Animal Crossing's iconic tom Nook and his anthropomorphic animal friends invite you to start a new life on a desert island! Just like the previous episodes, the game is published and developed by Nintendo exclusively on Switch, making it easy to enjoy anywhere you want on the Nintendo Switch handheld.

Crafting and other features

After purchasing the Animal Crossing: New Horizons key, you'll soon realize that you're in for a kid-friendly, easy-going survival adventure that's similar in some ways to the long-running cultural phenomenon that is Minecraft. Set up shop on a deserted island, pitch your tent in the location of your choice, and begin your new life! Gather materials, make new tools and engage in an addictive gameplay loop: the more things you make, the more things you can build and as you continue this process, all your creations will become more and more complex.

Synchronization with the real world

Buy the Animal Crossing: New Horizons key to enjoy a revolutionary feature of this game. The climate of the desert island you will inhabit can be adjusted by choosing between the northern or southern hemisphere. Match the change of season in the game with your actual location! If you can see snow falling outside your window, you can expect the same thing to happen in the game. This also applies to the dynamic day and night cycle which can be set to match your real life biorhythm. The day in real life will correspond to the day in the game with the same principle being valid for the night.

Cooperative multiplayer

If you want to enjoy a casual Nintendo Switch game that supports multiplayer, don't hesitate to buy the Animal Crossing: New Horizons key! The co-op mode is included in the game and it can be accessed via an app on the Nook phone, which will be given to you by Raccoon Guide Tom Nook. Local multiplayer can support up to 4 players when you rely on Joy Con, but if you connect with your friends online, you can expect to see 8 customizable avatars spending their time on the desert island simultaneously!

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