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Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Dragon Ball FighterZ button (Nintendo Switch)

It's no surprise that the pairing of one of the world's best fighting game developers, Arc System Networks, with probably the world's most recognizable anime series, Dragon Ball, has resulted in an absolutely fantastic fighting game - Dragon Ball FighterZ key. This is a fighting game based on an anime that, honestly, you've been waiting for too long!

Easy to access

The Dragon Ball FighterZ key highlights the beauty in simplicity as all the controls are very easy to learn and the same four basic buttons are used to perform every move on every character, without the need for super difficult combinations that many other fighting games like. Therefore, anyone with a Dragon Ball FighterZ key is pretty much guaranteed to get the maximum level of satisfaction and explore all the games possibilities, regardless of their overall experience or skill.

Variety of characteristics

Buy the Dragon Ball FighterZ key and enjoy a plethora of well-known characters, all ready for battle! From the main protagonists of the series such as Goku or Krillin to the villains who instilled fear in the marrow of your bones when you had your eyes on the TV screen as a child, like Freezer, Cell or Buu. It would be rather strange if you didn't want your money back against them!

It's all about improvement

Arcade mode with Dragon Ball FighterZ challenges players to improve, as each match is measured by scores, the higher you get the higher you move up the match column, fighting against more difficult opponents in your next fight. Swipe once, and down you go.

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