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Endzone: A World Apart on Steam

Buy Endzone: A World Apart Steam cheap to discover a game of strategy game immersive game that allows you to rebuild human society after an apocalyptic event. The title is brought to you by developers Gentlymad Studios and published in collaboration with Assemble Entertainment and WhisperGames. Enzone - A World Apart can be considered both a construction game and a simulator. Despite its bleak post-apocalyptic setting, the game will give you optimistic and hopeful ambitions. Buy the game and rebuild human society from scratch!

Rebuild civilization

In 2021, a terrorist group blows up nuclear power plants around the world, plunging humanity into a new dark age. Buy Endzone: A World Apart on Steam at the best price and discover the world 150 years after this nuclear disaster. You'll guide survivors out of underground facilities known as "Endzones" (similar to the "Shelters" in the Fallout games from Bethesda). Your goal is to venture into this desolate world and start a new, prosperous culture.

Build a colony

It all starts with finding a fresh water supply and developing your colony. As you progress, settlers will build a new home, grow crops, establish infrastructure, and install solar panels that can power your colony even at night. Once you purchase Endzone: A World Apart on Steam you will learn to take care of not only the physical needs but also the moral needs of your settlers. Set up a central home to strengthen the community spirit, educate children in the newly created schools and stay aware of the existential circumstances of death - you will have to build a cemetery to pay respect to those who have already left this world.

A dynamic post-apocalyptic environment

After all, this is a post-apocalyptic world, so it's not surprising that you have to deal with various environmental hazards. Buy Endzone: A World Apart on Steam for cheap and immerse yourself in the game's impressive dynamic environment. Different areas of this world have varying levels of radioactive contamination that you'll be aware of, especially when you send your explorers to investigate the remnants of a distant past. Protect your settlers from unpredictable toxic rains and sandstorms and prepare for droughts. Through struggle and challenge, you will eventually create and secure a new society with a bright and promising future.

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