Little Nightmares: Complete Edition


Little Nightmares: Complete Edition

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Little Nightmares: Complete Edition (Nintendo Switch)

The complete edition of Little Nightmares includes:

- The base game, Little Nightmares

- Secrets of the Maw Expansion which introduces a new character "The Kid" who is also looking for a way out.

- Three DLCs that rival the child's story: The Hideaway, The Residence and The Depths!

Little Nightmares is a scary adventure game that will have you running, jumping and climbing as well as solving good quality puzzles along the way. It was developed by Tarsier Studios and is one of those games that is just bright enough and perfectly calm for you to relax, and then it hits with horror!

You control a girl named Six, she is trapped in a schooner space where evil monsters gather to feast. Six herself feels exceptionally hungry and throughout the game, on numerous occasions, she is forced to join the party. Your task is to complete clever puzzles and escape the evil monsters that are after you, finding more and more details about Six along the way!

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