Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch) eShop Key EUROPE


Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch) eShop Key EUROPE

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Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Michel Ancel, the main creative force behind Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil and Raving Rabbits, has returned to create the fifth and final major installment in the acclaimed Rayman series - Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch Key! A direct sequel to 2011's Rayman Origins, this critically acclaimed action-adventure platformer transports players into the wacky world of the titular character, Rayman. Follow him as he and his friends leap from one mythical painting to another, uncover closely guarded secrets and save the day! Dive into the limitless potential of the Glade of Dreams, and run, jump and punch your way through enemies in Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch eShop Key!

Features of Rayman Legends Definitive Edition:

  • 4 player co-op. Team up with 3 other friends - get in and out of the action whenever you want;
  • 3D boss battles. Engage in combat with epic creatures that can attack you from any angle. Be careful - a mistake and defeat are imminent;
  • Rockin' Rayman. The key to beating the cards is timing and rhythm - time your punches to the bass line, jump to the beat of the drums or zip line during the guitar riffs;
  • New Online Challenge Mode. Complete a variety of daily or weekly challenges in 5 different stages with your friends - the leaderboard tracks your world ranking;
  • Cheap rayman Legends Definitive Edition key price.

Overcoming nightmarish events

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition takes place one hundred years after the events of Rayman Origins. Rayman, along with Globox and the Teensies, have been sleeping the whole time! Evil forces used this time to good effect - Bubble Dreamer nightmares gradually increased not only in strength, but also in manpower, and the Wizard, who managed to survive the explosion, divided into 5 Dark Teensies. The princesses and Teensies were captured and now the lands are ruled by giant toads, dragons, evil luchadores, sea monsters and other legendary creatures! Buy the Rayman Legends Definitive Edition key, let Murphy wake you up and fight the nightmares!

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