Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) eShop Key NORTH AMERICA


Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) eShop Key NORTH AMERICA

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Super Mario Odyssey Touch (Nintendo Switch)

Super Mario Odyssey is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo. Acquire the Super Mario Odyssey key and control the protagonist Mario and his impressive cape Cappy, going through several trials and tests along the way. If you're a little tired of the linear scenarios of the previous Super Mario series, this one is sure to surprise you with its open-ended, exploration-based gameplay features!


Buy the Super Mario Odyssey key and save the precious Princess Peach from your mortal enemy Bowser! Assume the role of Mario once again, take your Odyssey-shaped ship and travel through several worlds (aka Kingdoms in the game) and experience many adventures wherever you go. Travel to distant realms and search for items known as Power Moons (these are basically batteries for your ship) and continue your explorations!


You've been with Mario for a while now, and you may already know that he's a very capable man. In Super Mario Odyssey, he's stronger, faster and more agile than ever, thanks to a bunch of awesome control mechanisms. Triple jump, wall jump, throw your hat, use it as a platform, and these are just a few of the unique abilities this title has in store!


Buy the Super Mario Odyssey key and dive into one of the most entertaining stories ever written! Bowser once again kidnaps Princess Peach directly from the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario tries to rescue the princess but fails and even gets his cap spine torn to shreds. At this point, he meets Cappy, a cap-like creature from the Cape Kingdom, together they will rescue those Bowser has kidnapped, and no force in the world will stop their determination.

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