Chivalry II Special Edition Key Epic Games GLOBAL


Chivalry II Special Edition Key Epic Games GLOBAL

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Chivalry II Special Edition Key Epic Games

The special edition includes:

  •  The original game;
  •  Knight jouster armor;
  •  Royal Broadsword;
  •  Golden Rider Axe;
  •  Roses Novelty item;
  •  1000 Crowns + 5000 Gold.

Return to the ultimate medieval battlefield with the long-awaited sequel to the first game that took the video game world by storm! Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Interactive are proud to present Chivalry 2, a first-person shooter that focuses on grand multiplayer battles inspired by the wars of the past. The Middle Ages lasted for centuries, and it was during this time that mankind experienced its most iconic battles, with storms of flaming arrows, cavalry charges, sieges of sprawling castles and much more. Immerse yourself in the action as the roar of the battlefield accentuates your every move - striking enemies in real time by combining various maneuvers to unleash devastating blows on players unlucky enough to cross your path. Buy the key to Chivalry 2 Epic Games and join in on the big screen medieval multiplayer warfare!

What are the gameplay features of Chivalry 2?

When huge armies of players clash in this way, the only things you can expect are chaos and violence. Will you become a whirlwind of steel, able to eliminate any threat, or will you be the first to fall in the initial confrontation?

  •  A cinematic multiplayer experience. Participate in all that medieval warfare has to offer: set fire to villages, slaughter their inhabitants and besiege seemingly impenetrable fortresses with 64 other players;
  •  The ultimate knight. Customize your warrior to the last detail and enter the battlefield. Whether you're wounded, bleeding or missing a limb, become a legendary knight or die in a blaze of glory;
  •  Master of medieval warfare. Create and perfect your own unique style of play - use an enhanced and fluid combat system to unleash hell on your opponents;
  •  Cheap price for Chivalry 2.

The battlefield awaits us

Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a knight, unleashing his inner beast on the battlefield? Chivalry 2 lets you do just that, in large-scale skirmishes, all enhanced with HD graphics! Once you've created your unique warrior, it's up to you to enter the fray and help your team win, whether it's through ruthless bloodshed or calculated battle tactics. Like you, other players are free to be the type of knight they want to be: true heroes in search of glory or bloodthirsty murderers willing to do anything to ensure their army's success. Buy Chivalry 2 Epic Games key and claim glory with your blade!

Release date

September 3, 2020

Minimum configuration

OS Windows® 7 64bits
CPU Intel i3-4370
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2 GB
HDD  20 GO

Recommended configuration

OS Windows 10 64-bit
CPU Intel i7-6700
GPU Nvidia GTX 1070

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