League of Legends Gift Card 50€ - 7200 Riot Points / 5025 Valorant Points

League of Legends Gift Card 50€ - 7200 Riot Points / 5025 Valorant Points

Delivery time: 5-20 minutes
Delivery: Activation code by email
Account / Region: Server Europe 
Platform: League of Legends
Important information :
No expiration date. Code can be used to earn Riot points in League of Legends or Valorant points in Valorant. For EUROPE WEST and EUROPE NORDIC & EAST servers only!


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League of Legends Gift Card £50

The Riot Games gift card is a digital PR voucher with an activation code that adds Riot Points to your selected Riot Games account, allowing the user to pay for optional microtransactions using the in-game points. Riot Prepaid Cards are a convenient way to purchase Riot's in-game currency without the need for a credit card or bank account. Buy cheaper Riot Points League of Legends and enjoy the value and opportunities they offer!

Do riot points work on Valorant?

League of Legends is not the only game where Riot Points can be used. Valorant is a famous FPS genre game produced by Riot Games, and the in-game currency of said title is called Valorant Points (VP). So yes, in Valorant, Riot Points are converted into Valorant Points - a premium Valorant currency that can be used to buy in-game goodies and Radianite points. League of Legends prepaid gift cards can be activated and used for this game.

What can riot points be used for?

Like most in-game currencies, Riot Points can be used to purchase in-game content to enhance your gaming experience and help you build a personal style! Naturally, you can invest in server and name change tools, extra rune pages, level boosts, chests and mystery keys, and many other in-game goodies. For example, League of Legends does not sell power items - a good cosmetic item can be one of the best gameplay enhancements you could wish for. In Valorant, with Valorant currency, you can unlock each additional level, with customizations like new visual effects, sound, animations, unique finisher variants, and of course, weapon skins.

How do I activate a Riot Games card in Valorant?

  •   Connect to the Valorant game client;
  •   Open the game store in the top right menu;
  •   Scroll to the right in the payment methods, select prepaid card ;
  •   Enter your code to activate the credit;
  •   Click Submit. Your riot points have been added to your account!

How do I activate a Riot Games card in LoL?

  • Launch the League of Legends client or go to leagueoflegends.com to create an account;
  •  Click on the store ;
  •  Click on the purchase PR;
  •  Select Prepaid Cards and enter your code;
  •  Click Submit. Your riot points have been added to your account!

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