Dying Light: Platinum Edition Steam Key GLOBAL


Dying Light: Platinum Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

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Dying Light: Platinum Edition


  •  Dying light
  •  Dying light: the following
  •  Dying light : Bozak Horde
  •  Kitchen & Cargo
  •  Ultimate Survivor Bundle
  •  Crash Test Skin Pack
  •  Hellraid
  •  A great collection of skins and weapons that will make killing zombies even more fun.

Purchase the Dying Light key to immerse yourself in an open world first person survival horror game developed and published by techland. Get ready to spend time running around an open world city teeming with zombies, as humanity has plunged into a new dark age after the outbreak of a zombie infection. Do your best to survive in this post-apocalyptic reality among hostile humans and even deadlier infected.

Parkour system

One of the most notable features of Dying Light is its parkour mechanic, which makes the game comparable to a zombie-filled open world Mirrors Edge. You'll find yourself constantly maneuvering through a zombie-infested city and being chased by the infected. Once you purchase the Dying Light key, you'll be able to explore a city on both horizontal and vertical planes as you try to survive among the undead and hostile scavengers, running and jumping across rooftops or clinging to ledges until it finally becomes a second nature thing.

Dynamic day and night cycle

Exploring the open world city is necessary to advance the campaign story, complete side quests or gather resources for crafting. The world of Dying Light has a dynamic day and night cycle that determines two completely different gameplay experiences respectively. During the day, you can explore the world and engage in combat quite easily as long as you stay on your toes, but you should buy the Dying Light key to feel the real sense of tension at night! The enemies become overwhelming and aggressive, forcing you to rely on stealth.


While Dying Light offers an engaging single-player campaign experience that will provide many hours of gameplay as you find more and more creative ways to fight the infected, the game also features an interesting multiplayer mode. You can be accompanied by up to 3 friends in co-op mode as you explore the post-apocalyptic open world city together, using your parkour skills and running across rooftops to avoid the infected. However, you should buy the Dying Light key to be the boogeyman yourself too! Hunt the living like a zombie using flesh zip lines and spit that summons the infected. So take this opportunity to get the Dying Light key and experience the most definitive open world zombie game title to date!


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