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Deluxe Edition Bonus Content

  • Monkey Business (DLC)
  • Soundtrack
  • Artbook

A world of adventure and possibility: The island is full of life! Your new home will alternate day and night cycles as you explore and discover its secrets. Hunt (or be hunted by) the local wildlife, and encounter a host of mythical enemies... who don't seem to be too happy to see you here. Receive quests from a mysterious individual or by finding them washed up on the beach. Prepare for a journey through the wilderness with various procedurally generated areas, so that each player will experience a unique adventure.

Build together, survive together: Are the dangers of the island too much for you? Want to share your building skills with your friends? The Survivalists is here for you! Go on an adventure together, collect items, trade them and survive together as you explore an island paradise with three other castaways.

The young monkey is the one who is taught to make faces: If you need a carpenter, a lumberjack, or even a soldier, the island's monkeys can be tamed and trained to help you with everyday tasks, or to have your back in an attack on a camp of fanatics! The mimicry system offers a wide selection of roles for your banana-loving friends to take on, and monkey management will become a key element in your survival in the face of jungle dangers.

The ace of the craft: The secret of survival? Making the most of the resources around you. Whether it's assembling a rudimentary axe to chop wood or blending a refreshing fruity smoothie to stave off hunger, you can always discover new recipes and expand your food, item, or construction options.

Face all dangers: Do you dream of a legendary sword to decorate the walls of your hut, or are you planning to get rid of invading enemies? What you are looking for may be found in one of the many temples scattered around the island. However, getting your hands on the treasures they contain won't be so easy: apprentice looters will have to prepare themselves carefully for their treasure hunts!

Minimum system requirements (PC)*

OS Windows 7/8/10
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / AMD Phenom II X2 550
GPU DirectX 11 compatible video card, 1 GB VRAM

Recommended configuration (PC)*

OS Windows 10
CPU Intel Core i5-2300 / AMD FX-4350
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD 5770

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